Native Florida Plants for Weddings, Celebrations and Special Events

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why were different

   Your bouquets and arrangements will feature Florida native plants which showcase the Real Florida. Early explorers called Florida the "Land of Flowers." Our native and Florida-friendly flowers, herbs and plants are grown in our cutting gardens and landscaped beds, foraged on our properties and sourced from our fellow local gardeners, growers and friends. To learn more about the importance of locally-grown flowers, visit the Slow Flowers website.

we're sustainable    Our flowers are local, fresh and all natural (safe for you and the planet). Our native wildflowers help conserve water and protect the soil. They can be easily grown organically, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. They also provide habitat and a food source for hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies, honeybees and other wildlife.

We keep it local to keep it truley green.We do not import our flowers from around the world, not even nationally.

We conserve water and plant out our nursery's swales to absord nutrient run off before it leaves our property. We reuse and recycle keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our nursery (www.floridanativeplants.com) is an award-winning Sarasota Green Business and Bee-friendly Farm.

All our proceeds are put back into the land and gardens that help to create local biodiversity for wildlife and that help to educate the public about native plants and gardening naturally. You aide this when you showcase your bouquet or arrangement.

wildflowers  What are wildflowers? True wildflowers are native to a region and grow naturally.

While we use locally-grown "Florida-friendly" flowers in many of our arrangements, especially in the winter when a lot of our natives take a break from blooming, we always include native wildflowers or foliage plants as well, no matter what the season.

Wildflowers and herbs have an amazing natural scent. Scent can be as powerful a memory as the visual beauty of an arrangement, if not more.

Having grown for centuries without human input, native plants contribute to an area's "sense of place" and help to define its natural beauty. Embrace your ceremony's natural beauty.

Looking to create a look that is entirely specific to your ceremony's site (for example - native beach dune plants for a beach wedding)? Ask us about how we can do this for you! We love to do projects like this!

wildflowers  We will work within your budget. See our Options/Prices page for more information about pricing.