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Native Florida Plants for Weddings, Celebrations and Special Events

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May your love be as wild as your flowers!

William’s Wildflowers is a studio florist offering sustainably and locally grown, eco-friendly floral arrangements featuring Florida native plants and wildflowers for weddings, events and photography sessions.

William's Wildflowers Florist and Flowers for floral arrangements and wildflowers for weddings and events

unique floral arrangements and wildflowers for weddings and events

Our garden-style, farm-to-table arrangements are local and seasonal, with a palette of Florida wildflowers and herbs that are fragrant and beautiful. They bring nature to your celebration.

earth-friendly wedding wildflowers and floral arrangements

When you showcase our flowers at your event, you contribute to a healthier planet.

We grow, source and forage locally and sustainably. All proceeds go back into the gardens, where we create habitat for pollinators and other wildlife and help to educate the public about the importance of native plants.

Wedding wildflowers and floral arrangements that are designed with love

Annie, lead designer and grower, has a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an emphasis on sculptural installation. William’s Wildflowers was founded in 2014 as a project of the Florida Native Plants Nursery, an award-winning Sarasota Green Business, Bee-friendly Farm and Certified Wildlife Habitat where Annie has worked since 2009.

Affordable and budget-friendly wedding wildflowers and floral arrangements

Exquisitely detailed, full and budget-friendly.

Florida Wildflowers and Flowers for Weddings and Events - Eco Florist - Sarasota

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