Native New York Plants for Weddings, Celebrations and Special Events

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why we're different


   Your bouquets and arrangements will showcase New York and New England wildflowers. The flowers are grown in our gardens at our 40 year-old homestead in upstate New York, foraged and sourced locally.


we're sustainable   Our flowers are local, fresh and all natural (safe for you and the planet). Our native wildflowers help conserve water and protect the soil. They can be easily grown organically, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. They also provide habitat and a food source for hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies, honeybees and other wildlife.

All our proceeds are put back into the land where we grow endangered native plants and create biodiversity. You aide this when you showcase your bouquet or arrangement.

We keep it local to keep it truly green. We do not import our flowers from around the world, not even nationally. When we source or forage we do so lawfully and with minimal impact to the environment, so that naturalized groupings of wildflowers can return year after year.

We stay simple and avoid floral foam and other toxic and environmentally-harmful materials.


wildflowers  What are wildflowers? True wildflowers are native to a region and grow naturally. A lot of what you see advertised in the floral industry as wildflowers or the "wildflower look" are not wildflowers. Most flowers used for bouquets are cultivated and originate in other parts of the world.

Wildflowers have an amazing natural scent. Scent can be as powerful a memory as the visual beauty of an arrangement, if not more.

Having grown for centuries without human input, native plants create an area's "sense of place" and help to define its natural beauty. Embrace your ceremony's natural beauty.


wildflowers  We will work within your budget.