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As a studio florist, we cater to events only. We don't offer individual or you-pick arrangements at this time.

Our 2016 Pricing Guide

The cost of the arrangements and bouquets are determined, not by the stem or type of flower, but by the labor and resources taken to grow our raw material organically and sustainably, cut and prepare each individual wildflower stem, and to design and transport your custom arrangements.

Individual arrangement pricing varies and is dependent on the size of your event, delivery distance, the selected size and type of the arrangements and the type of vase and other material (such as ribbon for a bouquet) that you prefer. We offer complimentary mason jars with every arrangement.

We are up front about all costs and fees before you start working with us.

We offer a variety of floral options and we’re flexible. We will provide you with sample prices upon request and can work within your budget.

Our Different Style

The arrangements we offer - you can't pick them out from a florist or catalog because each one is uniquely designed from the surrounding seasonal environment. We make a conscious effort to support the environment - we champion native and New York-friendly plants, grow our flowers sustainably and provide naturally elegant arrangements that aren't drenched in pesticides for your event.

Depending on what is blooming, we can work within your color palette to create your custom look.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the flowers will be fresh and last through your event. They are cut and arranged the day of and the day before, and with proper attention they’ll maintain their beauty for a few days after your event.


Because transporting wildflowers correctly is very important, we like to have control from farm to table. This takes the burden off of you and allows us our fresh guarantee. As the flowers are cut the day before and the day of your special occasion, we offer delivery on the date of your event only.